What We Do

Our process is based on confidence and trust between our counselors and students who approach us.

Our mission is to help provide expert resources and personalized counseling to students for them to have paths to choose from.
Our purpose for creating this platform is to provide them with a secure environment, where the students feel at ease and are able to talk about their concerns regarding their career without any hesitation, while expressly keeping in mind their confidentiality.

Why Choose Us?

Our process is based on confidence and trust between our counselors and students who approach us.

Following an effective timeline to ensure all deadlines are met without any hassle is an essential and central function of our company.

  • We work to provide students with maximum guidance regarding their career while being committed to quality.
  • Our goal is to answer every call ensuring high touch communication and it’s not even a question when it comes to documentation because we have it all covered.
  • We aim to provide appropriate data that corresponds to the circumstances of each person and the desired access to the university concerned while avoiding unintended consequences until the person hits the ground and runs.

Our Team

Rehan Ansari

Rehan has done his bachelor’s degree from University of Manchester and is also the Director of Ansari Group of Companies that was established in 1965. With his impeccable knowledge of managing finances and people, he gives critical knowledge to not just the organization to be effective but also help the students to understand how they will manage their life and education through the budgets in order to achieve their desired degrees while studying in the universities abroad.

Mrs. Arifa Rehan
Managing Director & Lead Counsellor

Arifa Rehan has done her master’s degree from Arkansas State University. She has been in the field for 20 years and is our company’s Managing Director & Lead Counsellor. She excels in guiding the students regarding their career decisions by choosing the best education paths and also helps them understand their potential to pursue their goals. She also counsels them to understand their skill sets and provide them ways to utilize it to their maximum potential.

Muhammad Abdur Rahman Ansari
Director Marketing and Business Development

Abdur Rahman is our Director Marketing and Business Development. He observes prospective universities globally by travelling around and meeting them in order to develop a strong relationship to ensure the needs and requirements of Pakistani students, that can help them in a better future. For the organization, his exposure brings new ideas that helps him recommend innovative solutions to students. His enthusiasm and energy not only bring the upbeat ideas to the organisation, but his experience becomes an inspiration for entrants on a personal level.